Custom packaging needs in various industries

 Items we serve


                          Telling how fresh and tasty your product without saying it

• Food grade packaging for hot or cold product
PP, LDPE bags
Zipper bags
Microwavable bags
Laminate bags
• Jumbo-size bag
Bio degradable bags
• Made to order

                           Make your brand pop

• Printed carrier bags
• Individual packaging 
• E-commerce parcel 
• Jewelry bags 
• Bio degradable bags 
• Made to order

                            High quality product to reassure your organization's greatness

• Bank note band
• Bank note bags/Zipper bags 
• Subscription bags/Malier bags
• Made to order

                    Compliance with international standards

• Anti-static bags 
• Parts bags 
• Zipper bags 
• Bubble wrap/packaging
• Packing equipment 
• Made to order

                    Complement your product branding with high quality packaging

• Printed shopping bags
• Printed carrier bags 
• Bio degradable bags
• Made to order

                              Adding more flexibility in delivery services

• Ecommerce parcels  
• Secured parcels with mulitple options such as glue strips, front pockets
• Adhesive tape 
• Pallet wrapping film ,Bubble wrap/packaging
• Packing equipment
• Made to order



And many more….....